What is AIA Guard?

AIA Guard is an innovative solution for the resilience, security, and privacy of AI systems: from fortifying your models against adversarial attacks to safeguarding them from malicious inputs and enhancing data privacy, our solution ensures your AI systems excel in today's data-driven world

Adversarial attack mitigation

Enhance your AI model's resilience against adversarial attacks, which are intentional, imperceptible data manipulations designed to induce errors or unexpected AI system behaviors. We implement state-of-the-art techniques for simulating and assessing adversarial attacks, ultimately boosting your model's robustness and reliability.

AI Shield

Shield your AI models from malicious inputs, detecting anomalous requests, and preventing model theft or replication to ensure the integrity and security of your AI systems.

Data sanitization & anonymization

Strengthen the privacy of your data assets with advanced anonymization and sanitization techniques, prioritizing data security and compliance. Safeguard sensitive information and minimize data exposure risks when utilizing internal data for applications like model training or interacting with external services.

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May 7, 2024

SecurIT final event

We are looking forward to showcasing AIA Guard at the final SecurIT event, set to be held in Paris on May 21st. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow participating companies and their projects! Will we see you there?

Feb 20, 2024


We presented AIA Guard - end-to-end cybersecurity solution designed against Artificial Intelligence Attacks - at the A&T Fair, the trade show dedicated to innovation, tecnologies, reliability and skills 4.0, on February 14. Great opportunity to talk about the responsible AI and opportunities offered by AI to the manufacturing world and for supply chains.

Feb 9, 2024

NCC-DK, Danish Cybersecurity Coordination Centre

NCC-DK held a kick-off conference to give an insight into how they are working to improve the cybersecurity in Denmark. They are working towards a national network of experts in the cybersecurity field to support a stronger exchange of knowledge and experience on the subject. Kim from Rheasoft was invited to give a presentation on his experiences with cybersecurity and EU projects.

Jan 9, 2024

New year, same partnership!

Last year we received funding from SecurIT for a 12 months project aiming to enhance AIA Guard. The partners Datrix and Rheasoft are closely collaborating with both technical development and engaging with end users. We are excited to continue this partnership in the new year!

Nov 24, 2023

Major Cities of Europe conference

The Major Cities of Europe Conference, 2023, was located in Prato and was buzzing with inspiration for the increasingly more digtital future! Both Datrix and Rheasoft were represented where we got to showcase AIA-Guard and our vision of keeping AI systems safe from cyberattacks.

Nov 10, 2022

All Day DevOps

We will take part to this online event in a session named "Adversarial Machine Learning Robustness Check as Part of Your DevSecOps Pipeline"

Oct 21, 2022


We will contribute to this in-person event held at Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo.

Oct 12, 2022

DISI Industrial Workshops

This event is part of a series of meetings to allow an ongoing dialogue between the companies and students of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of Università di Trento.

May 16, 2022

Datrix data breakfast

In this webinar event we will focus on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity, specifically the use of AI to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.


Any Questions? Answered

Indeed it is; the full functioning solution can be deployed on your premises or private Cloud and does not require interaction with external sources.
Particular attention has been dedicated to the usability: from installation to execution and report generation. Making sure that key messages and recommendations are delivered efficiently to both technical and non technical end-users.
Yes, in conjunction with the product it is also possible to extend existing modules in order to meet client specific needs. The team can support with analysis and in-depth investigations.
Yes, the product is specifically designed to address and operate in mission critical scenarios.

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